1. Cloudy Streets
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Cloudy Streets

Going down through the lousy town epileptic Smigo selling half cut
Deprived children trying fix their needs enjoy Sapa terminal lousy streets.
Old naked Zizzi is dancing for chiefs fun with sagged tits looking
overnight man.
Believe me my boy, you could be my son, when he comes, you better run.

Suffocotto! Coming back!
Moon is sad and sun goes black.

They come grab what they claims as own with nasty smile saying it´s time
to pay back our loan.
Suffocotto boys armed with guns back on the streets with funs.
Than he slowly came up to me pointing finger saying down on your knee.
Please try to see yourself with my eyes since I kill you here with all your

Suffocotto! I wouldn´t dare.
Suffocotto I don´t fucking care
Yeah in your shoes I wouldn´t dare.
Because I don´t fucking care.

Cloudy town with lousy streets deprived children trying fix their needs.
Lonely shadows hidden kukri knives waiting for Suffocotto to kill him at
least twice.
Suffocotto laying on the street and nobody knows what I did indeed.
Three times dead and now he is gone thats the end of story for the
Suffocotto´s clan.

Suffocotto! Three times dead.
With the bullet in his head.