1. Viking Warrior
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Viking Warrior
I. We are Odin's sons.
The Triple Odin´s horn. Skol!
We are Thor's brothers.
Nordic snowstorm. Skol!
Jörd is our divine mother.
Odin on Yggdrasil. Skol!
The fight is our father.
Urd, Verdandi, Skuld are near. Skol!
II. We are Odin's war spear.
Flying across the world. Skol!
Valknut is our unity.
Like an axe hurled. Skol!
We are Thor's hammer.
Berserkers warriors. Skol!
A brutally flying art form.
Disaster from the North. Skol!
Valhalla is our destination.
Death by fight and deification.
Odin's feast, Valkyries in the hall.
Warm roast, a cask of mead. Skol!
To die in battle is our destiny.
Honor and courage are our equities.
With sword and shield in hand.
The desire for glory and battle grand