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Dancing With Death
Look at the street, that guy looks strange,
evidently looking for the definite change.
Venomous snakes around, clouds coal black,
down on your knees and give me all your crack.
Take it as an order, I am not saying it twice,
we may be the friends, or it would not be nice.
Pistol in his hand, says me he is right,
the only chance I saw, was to kill him straight.
Yeah, dancing with the Death, woo doo style,
the guy shoot his head just before my eye.
Yeah dancing with the Death, boogie boogie down,
she is smiling at me calling me her raising sun.
I seen shock in his eyes, he comprehended all,
I-only-started to sing my lovely rock n roll,
It´s time for the last wish and don't let me down,
Your last boogie boogie and your life is mine
And-if-you-prefere-send just pleasure and smile,
I can bring them some misery - as that´s my style..
Yeah dancing with the Death, boogie boogie down,
she kissed me sweetly, hissing: my little lovely son!